Birth of a Blawg

With the upgrade of my website to WordPress (by my webmaster, Karin Conroy of Conroy Consults), I get to venture into the blawgosphere first hand. I have been blogging on a semi-regular basis for the past two years on Lawyerist and plan to continue to post there. I am also on Twitter, which I have used for posting note-worthy ethics news and the occasional random thought.

Why then, would I need my own blawg? Quite frankly, I do not intend to make a career of writing blog posts or claw my way into the ABA’s top 100 blawgs. But there are some topics, such as commenting on Minnesota ethics cases or providing updates on the activities of the MSBA Rules of Professional Conduct committee and the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (LPRB) that do not quite fit the theme of Lawyerist (which has a national readership) and would be of interest to Minnesota readers. The heart of my practice is Minnesota lawyers; I intend to use this space to develop resources they may find useful.

I invite you to subscribe to the RSS feed, which is a convenient way of having future posts delivered to an RSS reader in your web browser or to your e-mail program. I pledge to write posts that are high on relevance to lawyers’ practices and low on self-indulgence. I plan to post when I have something to say, rather than chain myself to a schedule I will never keep up with. Of course, I welcome your comments, either publicly on this site or by private e-mail.