CLE Seminars

In-House Continuing Legal Education Seminars

One of the frustrations many lawyers have with the ethics CLE requirement is that it can be difficult to find seminars to attend that are targeted to a lawyer’s practice area or the ethics questions that come up most frequently in a particular office. For less money than most firms typically spend to send their attorneys out of the office to attend CLEs and for fewer lost billable hours, you can have an in-house ethics CLE tailored to your firm’s practice areas, and earn CLE credit at the same time.

Consider the range of possible topics:
– Using and drafting conflicts waivers
– Screening lateral hires
– Business transactions with clients
– Representing multiple parties
– Confidential review and analysis of cases your firm has handled
– Training for new associates

I have presented hundreds of ethics seminars and consistently receive high praise from attendees. You have to fulfill your CLE requirements anyway, why not make the most of your time and money? The deadline for attorneys who report CLE credits this year is June 30. Contact me today by phone or e-mail to reserve a time for your firm’s in-house ethics CLE!