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Law Firm Continuing Legal Education Seminars
Eric Cooperstein has presented hundreds of CLE seminars to thousands of lawyers. He is well known for his engaging speaking style, his humor, and his deep knowledge of the ethics rules and law practice. He has presented to law firms and corporate legal departments, at law-firm retreats, and at regional and nationwide conferences. All of Eric's seminars are accompanied by written materials (typically a 15-20 page outline) and a powerpoint presentation. Some of his most popular programs use hypotheticals to engage the audience. 

Sample seminars:

Conflicts of Interest:
You Said I Was Your Favorite Client!” Identifying and Addressing Conflicts of Interest
Too Close for Comfort: Conflicts of Interest in Representing Closely-Held Entities
Conflicts Waivers for Your Practice Area

Conflicts of the Titans: Dissecting State of Minnesota v. 3M

Confidentiality and Privilege:
One Head, Many Hats: Privilege Issues for In-House Counsel
Use It or Lose It: Preventing Privilege and Confidentiality Waivers
Can We Talk? Limits on Privilege for Internal Law Firm Communications
What Can I Say? New Developments in Confidentiality

Hot Documents, Hot Water
Can We Talk? Developments in Rules 4.2 and 4.3
You are Hereby Commanded: How to Respond When a Subpoena is Served on YOU.

Future of Law
Three Ethics Rules that Threaten the Future of Legal Practice
Multi-Jurisdictional Practice: Do You Have Boundary Issues?

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